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GSSoft Privacy.

GSSoft – (“the Company”), in full recognition of the importance of protecting its customers’ personal information, has established a Privacy Policy as set forth below and will make company-wide efforts to ensure that its customers’ personal information is appropriately protected, in order that the Company may establish lasting relationships of trust with customers going forward.

Purpose of Creating app for Kid

The Company create apps or Educational games for Kid with the hope to helps Kid learn while having fun. The captivating background music, cheerful narration and colorful illustrations will help enhance the overall experience. Key learning words are highlighted in blue to help them in recognizing the words. What appears as a fun game is actually stimulating your kids’ learning ability. Helping your little ones to better understand and remember the content.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

“The Company will notify in advance the objectives of use of personal information and ask customers to provide only the necessary information if customers contact us by email, subscribe to our newsletters, request our brochures, or etc. The personal information shall be used only for the objectives which prior consent is expressed by customers. However, if we find customers infringe or intend to infringe on interests protected by law of other customers or the Company, we may legally use your personal information for other purposes where such information is required to prevent or recover the infringement concerned.”

In addition, the company delegates treatment of personal information to each group companies as necessary. In this instance, the company ensures appropriate control of the information according to law and standard of the company.

Protection and Security Management of Personal Information

The Company will take necessary and appropriate measures to supervise its employees and subcontractors to ensure the protection and security management of personal information.

Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will strive to protect personal information, and will not disclose or provide to any third parties except in the following cases:

  • if customers express their consent
  • if customers can not be identified by personal information
  • if personal information is requested to provide by legally authorized administrative bodies, or disclose in accordance with laws and regulations
  • if personal information is requested to provide by any applicable laws and regulations

Ensuring Accuracy, Disclosure, Change, and Deletion of Personal Information

The Company will strive to ensure that personal information is accurate and up-to-date. If customers request disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information, we will appropriately deal with the request as soon as we confirm the request concerned was made by the same customers.

Compliance with laws and regulations and Review

The Company will comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding personal information, and continually review and improve the policies described above if necessary in order to protect personal information.

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